The Captain Oates Room

The Coach House hotel opened in July 2011, and is one of the most characterful hotels in the Essex and Suffolk region. Each of the five rooms were designed in honour of a local historical icon. The Captain Lawrence Oates hotel room is large and luxurious, with breathtaking views over the rural countryside. With a king-size bed and spacious en suite bathroom, complete with its own jacuzzi, this room really is the ultimate relaxing retreat.

Captain Lawrence Oates is Gestingthorpe’s famous son who courageously sacrificed himself to save his friends on the 1910-1912 polar expedition with Captain Scott. His bravery and heroism are still admired, almost a century later. The hotel room which bares his name is the largest of all the five rooms at the Coach House hotel. The design was inspired by Oates’ time spent with the Royal Dragoon, with smart light blues and greys being combined with a warming tartan.